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The Photography Brief

To not only capture behind the scenes imagery of the handmade products but to also showcase front of house presence. Images to be used on the COCOLAT website and within social media strategy going forward. Short clips were required to be filmed that could potentially be used for short social media promotions. Photographs of the corporate team was also required. 


The Implementation

Visiting ‘the kitchen’ in the Adelaide Hills we photographed production. We also visited various stores and captured images of decor, product presentation and the service aspect. We also photographed all menu items individually for use upon the online menu. A compact and portable still life studio set up was utilised to photograph freshly made food from the menu.

The Outcome

2 Days on site

In order to capture the complete range of products and skills, it was decided to photograph over two separate days to allow for multiple site visits.

300 Plus web ready files supplied

Photographing in such a fast-paced environment was challenging. Our priority in the kitchen was to not interfere with production, rather capture images as they happened. Narrowing down the selection to a high quality presentation was a breeze!

Social Media Clips

Whilst on site we filmed a selection of clips that could also be utilised for social media posts. It was important to take into account when filming that we considered the 1:1 square ratio for Instagram posts, ensuring the point of interest was central within the frame. SEE BELOW

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