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The Photography Brief

To photograph the quality and detail of Jenson speakers, in particular, the reflective glass surfaces of the cabinets and ceiling speaker covers. It was also required that we photographed to perspective guidelines in order for images to be utilised within virtual online rooms.

The Implementation

Utilising our in-house studio we photographed all products from various angles as requested. Creative in-camera lighting techniques were used to not only showcase the reflective surfaces but to give the other black external areas depth and texture.

The Outcome

1 studio day plus 1 post production day

A base multi light rig was set up then tweaked and adjusted as various products of different sizes and varying surfaces was photographed. All images were then run through photoshop where any dust or minor imperfections were eliminated.

40 web ready files supplied

All images were supplied as low, medium and high-resolution files as requested by Jenson. All images were carefully contoured and supplied upon a white background ready to drop right into the shopping cart.

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